Treatment Process at Oaktree

We pride ourselves on supporting you throughout your journey, before, during and after TMS treatment.

We offer face-to-face assessments rather than Skype calls as some other clinics do. We believe it is important to connect with you personally and to carry out assessments with attention and care.

We not only screen for your suitability for TMS, but also as an assessment for your overall mental health, current medication and any other treatments we feel may benefit you.

As part of our service, you will receive:

Find out more on these below.

Pre-assessment Counselling

This is the first step on your journey and is provided over the phone by one of our experienced and specially TMS trained consultants. Here you can ask any questions you may have about the treatment and effectiveness, method of delivery, monitoring and follow up processes. We are able to send the information in the post to you too, if you wish.

Mental health assessment

Following pre-assessment counselling, we will offer a psychiatric/ physical health assessment appointment at the clinic.

One of our experienced psychiatrists will look at your mental health as a whole, providing tailored advice to you about TMS and any other treatment options such as medication or talking therapies.

We may request your GP to carry out physical investigations. However, this is not necessary in all patients as TMS is a non-invasive treatment and does not interfere with the rest of the body function.

TMS treatment

During treatment you can sit back and relax whilst a ‘paddle’ is placed lightly on your scalp, over the area of the brain that requires treatment. You’ll feel a light tapping and a loud clicking noise during treatment but it is pain-free and you can talk or listen to music during the treatment if you like. Many patients use the time to just relax and rest.

Each session of TMS lasts about half an hour and you will need 20-25 sessions in total, usually one a day, 5 days a week for 3-6 weeks. The number of sessions may vary as per the mental health condition and associated issues.

Monitoring during treatment

Your psychiatrist will review you every week to monitor progress and improvement in your condition including a conversation for up to half an hour and completing validated mental health questionnaires so they can assess if treatment is working.

Follow Up

Unlike some other clinics, we continue to provide care for you after the treatment ends and you recover, if required and appropriate. Many of our patients have continued to see the doctor they met for TMS for review of their medication and overall care or benefited further from psychological (talking) therapies