How to Support Individuals with Depression

There may be several signs that someone you know may be depressed. Although symptoms vary between people there are some symptoms that may indicate depression. You may notice someone: –

  • has lost interest in doing things they typically enjoy
  • seems to be feeling down or hopeless
  • has slower speech and movements
  • is more fidgety and restless than usual
  • feels tired or doesn’t have much energy

If you feel like someone you know may be suffering with depression there are several things you can do to support them.

If there is a reason or trigger for the low mood but the sufferer is able to motivated and generally functioning tt may be helpful to gently encourage them to help themselves by engaging in exercise or eating a well-balanced diet.

You can also gather information regarding services or support groups that are available to them. Most importantly you should remember to take care of yourself and stay in touch with them as they may isolate themselves from their normal social group. 

If you feel like someone you know is suffering from severe depression, feeling hopeless or suicidal then seeking professional help through your GP maybe required.

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